Religious Tyranny

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Virgin Nation: Sexual Purity and American Adolescence Reading List Sexual Purity Movement
To the Far Right Christian Hater...You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can't Be Both: Official Hate Mail, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives ... of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Reading List Hate Mail
Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts Faith and Threatens America Reading List Religious Right, American Evangelicalism
Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn't Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do Reading List Religious Liberty, Religious Extremism
Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement Reading List Christian Patriarchy Movement, Quiverfull
The New Apostolic Reformation: History of a Modern Charismatic Movement Reading List New Apostolic Reformation, Charismatic Movement
Inventing a Christian America: The Myth of the Religious Founding Reading List Christian Nation, Christian America
How to Overcome Religion and Follow Your Own Path Reading List Fundamentalism, Dogmatism, Questioning Beliefs
Holy Horrors: An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness Reading List Religious Violence
The End of White Christian America Reading List White Christian America
Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All of It Back Reading List Religious Right
Communities of Violence: Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages Reading List Religious Violence
The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason Reading List Education, Hellenism
American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism Reading List American Evangelicalism
Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History Vol 2 Reading List Religious Right
Why the GOP is the Party of Choice for Sociopaths and Psychopaths Article Hate Crime, Theocracy
NAR's Newest Demon -- Talk To Action Article New Apostolic Reformation, Religious Tyranny
Anti-Gay Groups Prepare for Potential Ohio Referendum on Marriage Ban Article Traditional Marriage
‘God’s Warrior’ Jerry Boykin to Join Family Research Council Article Spiritual War
How to Use a Woman’s Faith & Trust to Make Her a Willing Accomplice to Her Own Abuse (Happily Abused) Article Spiritual Abuse
Fischer: Government Should Mandate that Everyone Attend Church and Tax Those Who Don't Article Mandatory Church Attendance
Conservatives see Family Research Council attack as more evidence of what they call war on religion Article Domestic Terrorism
Liberty Counsel links Reproductive Rights to Colorado Massacre Article False Accusation, Reproductive Rights
God and the Fascists: The Vatican Alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic Reading List Fascism and Religion
God and Government: Twenty-Five Years of Fighting for Equality, Secularism, and Freedom Of Conscience Reading List Separation of Church and State, Religious Right
Fighting Words: Religion, Violence, and the Interpretation of Sacred Texts Reading List Religious Violence
Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence Reading List Religious Violence
Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right Reading List Resistance, Religious Right, Separation of Church and State
Liberty Counsel Declares Its Independence: "We Do Not Suffer Tyrants!" Web Links Rebellion
Church Commits Tax Fraud… and the Christian Post Blames Atheists for Pointing It Out Web Links Billboard
Evangelical lawyers threaten all-out Christian boycott of PayPal over "bigotry" Web Links Boycott
Politics and the bugnut Christians Web Links Religion and Politics
Conservatives Want America to be a "Christian Nation" -- Here's What That Would Actually Look Like Web Links Christian Values, Theocracy
The GOP Uses Obama To Hide The Prosecution Of Their Own Religious War Web Links 1st Amendment, Religious Liberty
Does Religion Cause Terrorism? It's Complicated Web Links Religious Violence
Personhood Movement Abuses Democracy To Enforce Biblical Edicts On America Web Links Religious Right, Dominionism
Anti-choice Christians terrorize Maryland middle school student Web Links Christian Terrorism
Assault on the Temple of Jupiter Web Links Christian Terrorism
Why It's Hard for People to Question Their Own Religion Web Links Questioning Beliefs
Why We Must Reclaim The Bible From Fundamentalists Web Links Christian Right
Religious Right declares religious rights violation in Bush-era policy Web Links Religious Right
The Evangelical Rejection of Reason Web Links Anti-Intellectualism, Fundamentalism
The Christian Right and the Rise of American Fascism Web Links Christian Right, American Fascism, Christian Reconstructionism
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor: religious intolerance will wipe out Christianity Web Links Religious Intolerance
My Life as a Daughter in the Christian Patriarchy Movement Web Links Christian Patriarchy Movement
The Infamous Hall of Christian Terrorist Organizations of the World Web Links Christian Terrorism
Boycotts and Tyrannical Bullying Web Links Right Wing Watch
Articles on Dominion Theology by JohnThomas Didymus Basic page Dominionism in GD by John, Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism
The Politics of Schism in the Catholic Church Article Authoritarian Religion, Religion and Politics