Psychos for God


The Continuing Tale of Court-Martialed Navy Chaplain

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 10:19

"Gordon James Kilingenschmitt was a Navy Chaplain who was court-martialed for refusing to follow orders, lying, and generally not acting like a navy officer should. Now he is getting into trouble with a website that gives the illusion that he is still a Navy chaplain. No suprise here, he is now calling for God to kill people he disagrees with.

Gospel of Hate: Arizona pastor Steve Anderson spews bile toward Obama, Frank, and gays

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 10:16

Pam Spaulding happened upon this character named Steven Anderson, who preaches from the pulpit at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. I compiled some of the more, ah, interesting bits from the sermons I surveyed into the 20-minute audio above.

Pastor Asks God to Smite President Obama (Wiley Drake)

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 10:15

"As if President Obama doesn’t have enough to deal with – what with civil unrest in Iran, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and economic malaise at home – now he’s also got a Southern Baptist minister praying for his death.

The Rev. Wiley Drake, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif., told Fox News Radio earlier this month that he was practicing “imprecatory prayer” – a divine curse – that would bring about Obama’s death.

NAR's Newest Demon -- Talk To Action

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 09:28

I guess I should have seen it coming. I have been reading enough of C. Peter Wagner lately to know that he sees the demonic in everything (including the Statue of Liberty), so I should not have been surprised that he has taken to attacking the major source of information available about the New Apostolic Reformation (outside of Wagner's own house organs, which are notorious for their guarding of basic information).

Christian hate Pastor Steven Anderson prays for Obama's death

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 09:27

""Christian hate Pastor Steven Anderson is praying for President Barack Obama's death. Anderson, yet another hate spewing homophobic Christian, is Pastor of the Faithful World Baptist Church, in Tempe, Arizona.

Aside from praying for President Barack Obama's death, Pastor Anderson seems fixated on homosexuality. His fixation is clearly unhealthy, and could very well be indicative of an individual unable to process his own sexual confusion.


John Hagee Says Hate is the Only Way to Save America

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 09:19

 It wasn’t enough to persecute Paganism out of existence from the fourth century to the thirteenth, to launch pogrom after bloody pogrom at the Jews or crusade after crusade at the Muslims, or to exterminate people who disagreed with them from among their own religion until the Enlightenment put an end to holy wars in the name of Christ. It wasn’t enough to declare crusades and inquisitions and slaughter and oppress and torture with bloody glee for the better part of seventeen centuries.

Anti-Gay Groups Prepare for Potential Ohio Referendum on Marriage Ban

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 09:08

Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink, the Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund), the Family Research Council and the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values are planning six seminars in Ohio over the coming months to train Culture Impact Teams and “answer the cry of a culture that needs help.”

Jefress: Gays Lead a 'Miserable Lifestyle'

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 09:07

On yesterday’s edition of The Janet Mefferd Show, anti-gay pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas labeled the message of liberals “hopeless,” and said that gay people lead a “miserable lifestyle” that is predisposed to “depression, or suicide, or alcoholism.”