Native Americans

Fischer Rewrites American History so it Corresponds to the Bible

Submitted by RWMaster on Sat, 12/03/2016 - 06:21

Last year, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer created a bit of controversy when he wrote a piece claiming that the Native Americans deserved to be wiped out by European Christian settlers because they were "steeped in the basest forms of superstition, had been guilty of savagery in warfare for hundreds of years, and practiced the most debased forms of sexuality."

Fischer: Native Americans Are Mired In Poverty and Alcoholism Because They Refuse to Accept Christianity

Submitted by RWMaster on Fri, 12/02/2016 - 19:15

"Bryan Fischer is back with another history lesson for us all - this one on how the Native Americans deserved to lose control of North America because "the superstition, savagery and sexual immorality" made them "morally disqualified from sovereign control of American soil."