Crooked Cross: A Journey Out of Religious Abuse

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""When did a loving God become the predator and I the prey?

How did the Cross become so crooked?"

Willow was born into a strict, fundamentalist Christian environment, and she knew of nothing else. She knew who God wanted her to be, according to everyone around her, but she didn't quite fit the mold. She was far too busy, striving to be found worthy, to see the long dark road that she was headed down. Trying desperately to earn the acceptance of her Father, and to appease the demanding God that he portrayed, she found herself trapped in an abusive, terrifying and cultic world that she didn't know how to escape. "Crooked Cross: A Journey Out of Religious Abuse" is the true story of Willow's struggle to break away from a lifetime of harmful, religious control, and her amazing journey toward freedom."

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