What Does Rapture Theology Say About Christians?

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What Does Rapture Theology Say About Christians?

1.   The greatest event they can imagine is their god destroying all life on Earth, especially those humans who don’t share their ‘faith’.


2.   They believe that they alone, of all the humans who have ever lived, and of all the human societies throughout history, have got it right; everyone else, without exception, got it wrong.


3.   They believe they will be given a grandstand seat to watch everyone else suffering eternal agony, and that this will be a reward for being such good people.


4.   They believe they are such good people that they deserve to have everything for themselves when all the 'underserving' humans have been killed off.


5.   They believe they alone are good enough to occupy an exalted place alongside their god whom they believe is creator and ruler of the entire Universe.  No one else is, or has ever been, that special.


6.   They know this because they have been told by someone else that it’s true and despite the complete lack of any corroborating evidence.  They believe it simply because they can’t imagine NOT being that special.


And these people condescend to lecture other people on matters of morality, ethics and love, and demand the right to meddle in our legislatures, our courts, our schools, our science, and in all aspects of our lives, including what we do in the privacy of our own homes...

[Later note] If any Christians feel they've been unfairly tarred with the same brush, perhaps they would explain why they don't believe in the Second Coming of Jesus.

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