The Enlightenment

Religion in America: A Political History

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"Denis Lacorne identifies two competing narratives defining the American identity. The first narrative, derived from the philosophy of the Enlightenment, is essentially secular. Associated with the Founding Fathers and reflected in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers, this line of reasoning is predicated on separating religion from politics to preserve political freedom from an overpowering church.

The Lure of Monarchy and its Variants (The Catholic Right, Twentieth in a Series)

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There is a battle going on within the Catholic Church that reflects the battle also occurring within American society: whether to cede individual freedom to a central power that simultaneously seeks less accountability for its actions. And in both cases, the forces of greater authority seek a great leap backwards past the social contract beliefs of the Enlightenment: a course of action that spells danger for American democracy. The battle of divine right monarchy versus liberal democracy continues.

Opus Disruption in KC-St. Joe (The Catholic Right: Sixteenth in a Series)

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"On May 24, 2005, just one month after becoming a member of Opus Dei,  Robert Finn was installed as the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph.  A diocese that includes 130,000 Catholics residing in 27 countries of northwest Missouri, KC-St. Joe has long been known as a bastion of Catholic progressiveness.  It is as if he were sent there to turn back the clock.