Psychos for God

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Former Navy chaplain insists gay demons can infect animals Article Demonology
Pat Robertson: Destroy Buddha Statue, Episcopal Church Is 'Apostate' Article Religious Intolerance
Fischer: Lack of prayer in public schools to blame for Conn. shootings Article Prayer in Public Schools
Barber: CA Law Will Tell Minor Victims of Sexual Abuse That They're Gay or Transgender Article Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy
Linda Harvey's Odd Interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment Article Fourteenth Amendment
Hutcherson: 'God is Going to Really Turn Loose Judgment on us' over Gay Rights Article Anti-Gay Advocacy
Pat Robertson: Obama is a Secret Socialist Article False Accusation
Beware: Human-Hating Liberals and Islamic Extremists Seek to Build Shariommunism Article RIght-Wing Politics, Hate and Fear
Pope Benedict Takes Anti-Gay Marriage To New Level In Christmas Speech On Family Values Article Traditional Family Values, Authoitarianism
US Radio host: Same-sex marriage laws might force a resurrected Jesus to marry a man Article Same-Sex Marriage, Prejudice
Religious Right Role Model: Why Can’t America Be More Like Uganda? Article Anti-Gay Advocacy, Theocracy
Hagee: ID Cards are not the Mark of the Beast Article Paranoia, Right-Wing Delusionality
Robertson: Liberals 'Want Death' Article False Claims
NOM Now Warning Against Young People Having Gay Friends Article Intolerance
Christian Group Finds Gay Agenda in an Anti-Bullying Day Article Anti-Bullying
Sandy Rios Exposes the Left's Plot to use Christmas to Distract Conservatives Article Being Jerks
Pastor Bill Elliff : 9/11 and CT School Shooting were 'Gracious' Acts of God's Judgment Article Religion and Politics
Conservatives see Family Research Council attack as more evidence of what they call war on religion Article Domestic Terrorism
Todd Akin: 'At The Heart Of Liberalism Is Really A Hatred Of God' Article Conservative Ideology
Janet Mefferd Suggests Groups Should Stop Reporting on the FRC's Anti-Gay Rhetoric Article Human Rights Campaign
Linda Harvey Attacks Teachers' Unions for Promoting 'Destructive' Gay Rights Article Anti-Gay Advocacy
Pat Robertson: Don’t adopt sexually abused children that could grow up ‘weird’ Article Lack of Compassion
Pat Robertson blames atheists for Sikh temple shooting Article Sikh Temple Shooting, Hate Crime, False Accusation
Staver & Barber Say Democratic Platform Supporting Marriage Equality will Lead to Christian Persecution Article Myth of Persecution
Fischer: The Sikh Temple Shooter was a Liberal Article False Claims, Religion and Politics
The Right's Sudden Concern About Arpaio's Prison Camps Article Authoritarianism
Cindy Jacobs Swears She Can Raise the Dead Article New Apostolic Reformation, Raising from the Dead, False Claims
Schlafly: Obama ‘trying to treat Christians like smokers’ Article Religious Liberty, False Claims
Beck: The Religious Right Will Make World Leaders 'Pee Their Pants' Article False History
Aryeh Spero Likens Fight Against Obama to Elijah's Struggle Against Ahab Article Religion and Politics
MP calls for ban on tattooed preacher who 'cures' cancer by kicking people in the face Article False Claims
Perkins: Hate Crime Laws are a Sign of 'Chaos in America' Article Hate Crime
Some Other Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn't Eat at Chick-fil-A Article Anti-Gay Advocacy
Pastor: Kermit deserves ‘death penalty’ for taking ‘sodomy route’ Article Anti-Gay Advocacy, Hate Crime
Jeffress Warns that Homosexuality Leads to Pedophilia Article Anti-Gay Advocacy
Liberty Counsel Jumps on the Boycott Hypocrisy Bandwagon Article Boycott Hypocrisy
Liberty Counsel links Reproductive Rights to Colorado Massacre Article False Accusation, Reproductive Rights
Buster Wilson Might Launch American Family Association's Own 'Hate Watch Ministry' Article Hate Crime
FRC’s Sprigg: Gay Rights Movement Winning Through ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Emotional Blackmail’ Article False Accusation, Anti-Gay
Religious Right to protest 'the devil's party' at the Democratic Convention Article Craziness
Evangelical radio host: ‘Allah is a demon god’ Article False Accusation, Hate Crime
Linda Harvey: Soldiers in Gay Pride Parade Brought 'Disgrace to the Uniform and to America' Article Hate Crime
Florida Pastor: Gays Can't Handle the Truth Article Religious Right, Hate Crime
Gay Marriage Brought the Flood Article Marriage Equality
John Kirkwood on Gay Judges: 'We Were Better Off When the Mafia Ran Illinois' Article Anti-Gay
Rick Warren: Aurora shooting the fault of evolution Article False Accusation
Jack Conkling, Kansas Teacher, Writes On Facebook That Being Gay Is 'The Same As Murder' Article Hate Crime
Flip Benham Declares CO Shooter to be 'Spawn of the Ideology of the Democratic Party' Article False Accusation
Andy Gipson, Mississippi GOP Lawmaker, Blasts Gays, Cites Bible Passage Calling For Their Death Article Hate Crime