Bigot Bill Donohue Declares That He Wants The Law ‘To Discriminate Against Gays’

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"When it comes to marriage equality, bigots, pretending to be concerned pundits, always try upping the ante by escalating their use of fallacy, and when that doesn’t work, they try resorting to good old-fashioned lying.

Catholic League leader Bill Donohue, whose infamous track record involves defending acts of sexual and physical abuse by the Irish Catholic Church against prepubescent children, and who has even gone as far as to call the victims of said abuse, “gold diggers,” openly stated in a conversation with CNN’s Piers Morgan that he wanted the law to discriminate against gays.

In the conversation, which included Human Rights advocate Chad Griffin, Griffin made the case for the difficulties same-sex couples face not having the same rights as heterosexual couples. When asked to respond, Donohue retorted by comparing gay marriage to incestuous marriage, both of which contradict what he called ‘the gold standard’ for raising psychologically healthy children. Donohue went on to boast his credentials as a doctor in sociology, citing that the literature on the subject “is definitive” in its conclusion that same-sex parents are detrimental to children.

Both his contemptuous false analogy, and his patently unproven ‘facts’ were not the end of his hateful declarations. “I want the law to discriminate against all alternative lifestyles, against gays and unions,” Donohue went on to say. He then barked that the marriage between a man and a woman should be “promoted and put in a place of privilege,” citing that the evidence showed that to be the only ‘gold standard’ for children.

Here’s the video:

These disgustingly prejudice and warped declarations come off as an ironic twist for the leader of The Catholic League, whose past arguments have carried the unmistakable tone that if any Catholic is said to have done anything wrong that it constitutes an act of discrimination, even in legally proven cases of abuse and sexual assault.

Perhaps all the peer-reviewed sociological literature about the dangers of a family unit with same-sex parents lends to Donohue the authority to be so forward is his support for legal discrimination against them. The problem is that, as confident as Donohue may be in his rhetoric, all the ‘definitive literature’ that he has read, simply doesn’t exist. No comparative sociological study has ever been taken comparing the differences between same-sex parents and heterosexual parents. Donohue’s so called ‘gold standard’ is nothing more then an over bloated, hateful and discriminative lie that is about as true as he is sane."

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