Christian Reconstructionism: From Sinai or Golgotha?

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"This book examines the theology and actions of a Christian Fundamentalist group known as Christian Reconstructionists and their theology known as Christian Reconstructionism.

The movement was started by Rousas John Rushdoony in the 1960s in the United States of America. From Armenian extract, Rushdoony developed a theology that was based on the premise that all the original Mosaic/Levitical laws of the Old Testament still hold currency in modern societies around the world and that they were not abrogated by the advent of Jesus, or the New Testament of the Bible.

Like Islamic Fundamentalists, their aim is to take over and govern the world according to the legal sanctions found in their Holy writ. Rushdoony formed think tanks consisting of ultra conservative intellectuals, wherein a fully orbed theology and blueprint was formulated to expedite their plan of world dominance and governance.

They were the driving force behind home schooling in the United States and around the world and placed their followers within school bodies and various governmental departments, particularly during the tenure of the two Bush presidencies.

Like their Islamic counterparts, they believe in killing in the name of God. First, adulterers, then homosexuals, incorrigible children, idolators, Sabbath Day law breakers etc. Tens of thousand of home schooled children, who are now adults, have been influenced by their parents who have held to these doctrines.

This book lays out all the elements which constitute its belief system and world view, as well as exposes the many hypocrisies practiced by members of this dangerous cult."

John K. Langemann
Rock Solid Publishers
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